Credit union informs: Walt Disney theme park little known facts

The summer is fast approaching, and more and more Americans are recognizing that vacations revitalize the spirit, bring families closer together and increase work productivity.

Walt Disney parks are definite vacation destinations, but there is more than meets the eye. Here are some fun facts and best kept secrets the parks have to offer:

  • Disney World is actually on the second floor. The first floor, called the Utilidors, is actually below ground. It is where cast members report for work, deliveries are made and trash is carried out.
  • The Florida State legislature was petitioned to make Disney World a separate city.  In 1967, the Reedy Creek Improvement District was born--created to govern the company and its land. Governed by a board of supervisors, the agency has powers typically reserved for city and county governments. It can create schools, criminal justice system and open a nuclear power plant. Crazy.
  • Walt Disney didn't like trash. According to, Walt Disney went to other amusement parks when he was designing his parks and counted how long a person would hold on to a piece of trash before dropping it.
  • Human characters. If you see a human character, like Mary Poppins, ask him/her a question, and they will go into character.
  • Pirates ride. According to, an Imagineer named George was killed during the building of the ride. Some say that his ghost haunts the ride every day. Workers have to say "goodnight George" before shutting down the ride each night so that there are no problems the next day.
  • Space Mountain. One of the asteroids is a chocolate chip cookie, and there is a hidden Mickey in the last Red Star picture as you walk up the ramp in line.
  • Toontown. Toontown did not exist prior to the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." Mickey, Minnie and the gang all live in Disneyland; however, their vacation homes are at Disney World.
  • Club 33 at Disneyland. According to, hidden behind a green door in Disneyland's New Orleans Square is a VIP lounge called Club 33. It was built as a secret hideaway for dignitaries and celebrities. The club has seen the likes of Johnny Depp, Elton John and executives of Boeing, Chevron and AT&T. Apparently, it takes about 10 years to get off the waiting list and a $10,000 initiation fee plus another $3,500 each year that you are a member.
  • Green is the color. The ugly parts of the parks like the fences, garbage bins and administrative buildings are painted green to help them blend into the landscape.
  • Mustaches. Even though Walt Disney sported a mustache, he wanted his employees clean shaven. According to, the idea was to make them look the opposite of the "creepy" carnival worker. In the year 2000, the company allowed mustaches; although goatees, muttonchops and beards were off limits. Today, employees must either have their facial hair when they are hired or grow them during vacation.

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