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This credit union asks: "Are you too frugal?"

Fri, Feb 08, 2013 @ 04:31 PM / by Erayne Hill posted in credit union, too frugal, tightwad


Frugal lifestyles have become a standard way of living for many. But how do you know when you’ve become a tightwad or too frugal? too frugal

For many people, there is no such thing. To them, being thrifty means living smarter, less expensively and saving money for future luxuries while being prepared for unexpected expenses. However, anything can be overdone. Here are some signs that you may be just a little too frugal.

*Do you enforce limited, timed showers in your home?

*Do you reuse coffee grounds for a second pot?

*Do you wash your plastic straws and eating utensils to reuse them?

*Do you use sand paper to re-sharpen disposable razor blades?

*Do you take extra condiments home from the fast food restaurants to save money on mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup?

*Do you order a large meal when you’re out on a date to take half of it home for later?

*Do you snap off the inedible parts of greens before you bring them to the register in the grocery store to pay?

*Do you shop more than two different supermarkets each week to pick up the things you need at the lowest prices, saving a few dollars on groceries, but losing an excessive amount of time in the process?

*Do you swap burnt light bulbs at work or in hotels for working ones?

*Do you take towels from hotels or public pools?

Good money management is something to be proud of. But, when frugal living becomes unethical, excessively time-consuming, unhealthy or dangerous, you’ve gone too far.

At a happy medium, it’s good to set priorities, know how much money you have, and then buy what you want and need within what your budget allows.

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