Online banking is safe and secure at your credit union

safe and secure dataUnity One Credit Union is dedicated to protecting your accounts and identity. We use the highest levels of security for online transactions. Here are just a few ways that we keep you safe and secure:

  • Encryption. All sensitive transactions us Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted network transmissions. We utilize 128-bit VeriSign digital encryption, the strongest SSL encryption available. Encryption guarantees that transactions are kept private, preventing others from being able to read, see or use transmitted data. Encrypted information sent electronically is safer than U.S. mail.
  • Firewall and Surveillance. Unity One has a strong firewall in place to keep hackers out of critical data systems and network components. Also, our systems and network are monitored 24-hours a day to prevent attacks.

For more information about how we keep your information safe, please feel free to contact us.

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