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Credit unions aren't just for older people; they are for everyone!

Fri, Aug 31, 2012 @ 11:54 AM / by Erayne Hill

Teen Advisory BoardBy Morgan Kelsey, former Unity One Teen Advisory Board member and student at Texas Tech University

Most people associate credit unions with their parents and grandparents. We rode with them to the credit union with excitement as we went through the drive thru and waited with anticipation for the candy that is usually distributed to kids in the car from the person behind the window. The tellers deposited or withdrew money, as instructed, and then sent the tube back with that cherished lollipop or hard candy or so we hoped. The candy was the exciting part as a kid, but as we mature there comes a time when we should realize that credit unions aren’t just for older people. They are for everyone, no matter the age.

Students in high school and college can find the services and opportunities beneficial to them through a credit union. Everyone wants to have a say, and that’s exactly what you get when you have an account at a credit union. There won’t be an older person with more say than you because they have been there longer.

Credit unions can teach you how to save money, get low cost loans and free services. A bank will just entice you with something that will distract you from expensive products and increasing fees.

Shareholders control banks and members control credit unions. In a bank, someone with lots of shares will have more say then you if you just have one share. The bank satisfies the few and not the many. In a credit union there are no shares and each member, no matter how rich they are or how involved within the credit union they are, will get the same vote you do. The vote weighs the same.

Isn’t it nice to know that you have a voice, even if you are young, not wealthy or have debt? I think it is. This is why credit unions are no longer for older people, they are for everyone.

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Erayne Hill

Written by Erayne Hill

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